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  • SS

    Meg and the team are responsive, totally present, smart and tough. She respected the big picture $$ boundaries I set, even though they weren't super easy to work with, and supported me in walking away from one property where we could not get the sellers down into my range. She has a really great eye -- and was (gently) merciless in making sure I took an honest look at the whole range of positives and challenges in homes I visited. She made sure I didn't fall too easily for surface impressions and really thought through what living in a place over time would be like. We had a tough post-inspection negotiation and she did a great job helping me fight for the best deal possible but also giving me her honest (and very accurate) sense of how far the seller would go. Meg is a kind, warm, no drama, highly capable person -- I could not recommend her more highly.

  • M

    As first-time buyers in an aggressive seller’s market, we knew our success was dependent on the agents we worked with, so we chose this team carefully. The Jeanne Phil Meg Team was relentlessly skilled with handling the ins and outs of winning a home in a competitive market, while offering us endless patience and help day and night. Looking at multiple neighborhoods all across the DMV, answering all of our questions, and ultimately helping us win a home before it even hit the market, all with a smile, made for a phenomenal experience. The Jeanne Phil Meg Team were our advocates, our allies, and our support system throughout the buying process. I firmly believe we would not be where we are without them!

  • JL

    The team was recommended to me by a neighbor whose condo sale netted a dynamite price. Patient and professional, they guided me through all the steps; Meg was low-key and calm as I freaked out over a water leak and an HVAC that pooped out in the midst of staging. The other members of her team, Jeanne and Phil, stepped in as needed to check on the status of the water leak when I was unavailable. Amazingly, all the painting, window-cleaning, furniture staging, came together on time because of this team working so collaboratively. I am thrilled with the outcome and would recommend them to others in a heartbeat.

  • JF

    It's a true joy to work with professionals. The Jeanne Phil Meg Team helped us buy 2 and sell 3 houses. The experience this time was just as painless and hassle-free as I remembered it being the first time around -- almost 6 years ago. They are a pleasure to work with and make the entire process easy and enjoyable. What sets them apart are the intangibles. They are great at anticipating your questions and shoot straight. They took the time to know our tastes and helped us find the perfect fit. The same is true on the selling side. The entire process was simple because of their hard work. I'm just sorry that we don't move more often!

  • JM

    Partners Meg Shapiro, Jeanne Harrison and Phil Guire sold 3 Capitol Hill properties for us in the span of about three months. For all 3, we got asking price or close. When there were hiccups (not of their making), the team smoothed them out quickly. Mostly, they just worked very hard and very fast. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in Capitol Hill or the surrounding areas. They are amazing and super low drama!

  • ES

    The team was able to provide great contractor recommendations for all our needs from the time we move in, through renovations on the house to getting the house in move-out ready condition to sell. Plus, they are not only agents but an integral part of the community who often give back to schools and other local organizations.

  • JS

    Fantastic agents who place the interests and desires of their clients first. They gave us spot on advice during the house hunting, negotiation, and bidding process, but never pressured us.

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    Our Team's mission is to build community by helping our clients navigate one of the most rewarding things a person or family can achieve - buying or selling real estate.

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